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Yellowstone CNC

Bison | Bison X | Bison XL

3 Axis CNC Work Center

No job is too hard for a Yellowstone Bison Series work center.

Available in 3 configurations: Bison, Bison X, and Bison XL.

Introducing Yellowstone Automation’s advanced 3-axis automated work center—a powerhouse that takes on any task with ease. Tailored for precision and efficiency, our CNC Working Centers are the ultimate solution for crafting vanity tops, kitchen surfaces, tables, wash sinks, shower trays, and beyond. These versatile machines excel at contouring, profiling, drilling, milling, polishing, engraving, and bas-relief, providing a comprehensive range of capabilities.

Designed and constructed for processing marble, granite, artificial quartz, ceramic materials, and various types of stone, our CNC Working Centers are at the forefront of technological innovation. Equipped with 3 axes under precise numerical control, seamlessly integrated with our cutting-edge CAD/CAM software, these centers offer unmatched flexibility.

Whether you’re engaged in single-piece or series production, Yellowstone CNC Working Centers are the ideal choice. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with the ability to craft exquisite bathroom vanity sink basins, tables, wash sinks, and more. Trust in the reliability and performance of Yellowstone Automation for unparalleled results in the world of automated work centers.

1 Year Warranty Badge

1 Year Warranty

The industry's strongest warranty for mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

Technical Data

X Axisinch (mm)141.75 (3,500mm)
Y Axisinch (mm)79.00 (2,100 mm)
Z Axisinch (mm)15.75 (380 mm)
Lengthinch (mm)21'-7" (6,600)
Widthinch (mm)11'-6" (3,500)
Heightinch (mm)13'-8" (4,200)
Weightlbs (kg)13,227 (6000)

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