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Yellowstone CNC


3 Axis Sink Processing Machine


Introducing the Osprey: The Pinnacle of Stone Fabrication Precision

Elevate your stone fabrication to new heights with the Osprey, a state-of-the-art 3 axis sink processing machine. Designed for the craftsman who seeks perfection in every cut, the Osprey transforms countertops, sinks, and other stone-milling projects into works of art.

1 Year Warranty Badge

1 Year Warranty

The industry's strongest warranty for mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

Technical Data

X Axisinch (mm)98.50 (2,500)
Y Axisinch (mm)55.00 (1,400)
Z Axisinch (mm)15.00 (380)
Lengthfeet (mm)17'8" (5,400)
Widthfeet (mm)9'6" (2,900)
Heightinch (mm)13'8" (4,200)
Weightlbs (kg)13,227 (4,500)

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