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Yellowstone CNC

The R7

7 Axis Milling Robot

R7 Milling Robot

Dreams come true with Yellowstone's 7 axis milling robot, the R7.

Step aside mundane milling machines, because the R7 is ready to steal the spotlight. Yellowstone’s 7 axis milling robot is a powerhouse in automated carving, tirelessly crafting intricate designs without ever needing a break.

Allow the R7 to bring to life the stunning and artistic visions that dance through the minds of your customers, all on auto-pilot.

1 Year Warranty Badge

1 Year Warranty

The industry's strongest warranty for mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

Technical Data

Technical ParameterValue
Equipment modelCS-KR210 R2700
SWL210 Kg Maximum arm reach
Maximum arm length2700 mm
Processing sizeØ1000mmx2500mm stone
Rotating desk1000mm diameter Infinite rotation
Spindle power15KW with position and targeting
Spindle speed18500 RPM
Axis quantity7 fully automatic
Axis 1 speed±185° 86°/s
Axis 2 speed0°~ -146° 84°/s
Axis 3 speed155°~ -119° 84°/s
Axis 4 speed±350° 100°/s
Axis 5 speed±125° 110°/s
Axis 6 speed±350° 184°/s
Axis 7 speedInfinite 84°/s
Repeated deviation<±0.06mm
Tool supportEngraving tools-Saw blade/polishing need special design
Automatic tools centerAvailable Option
Protection dutyIP65 High protection With protection cover
Program softwareSprut CAM

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